Due to our firm’s long experience and wide array of contacts in the financial industry, we know about many opportunities that might be available to our clients.  As a firm, we are aware of numerous advisors who are looking to either sell their practice in a relatively short time period or create a partnership with a financial advisor whereby the practice’s continuity is maintained while the more senior advisor begins the process of winding down his/her very successful career.  In addition to assisting in the creation of partnerships and succession agreements, our firm has also aided advisors in finding new opportunities which offer a referral stream of high net worth clients.  These opportunities abound, but one has to know where they are.  Another area where our firm has assisted those in the financial industry revolves around excess capacity.  Consistently, we have been asked by a financial advisor or a team to find them a successful advisor who might want to join their practice and partner with them in order to manage and assist their numerous clients who they can not sufficiently devote enough time to.  Finally, beyond these examples or areas that our firm has assisted financial advisors explore, there are so many other opportunities which our firm is aware of.  As we begin the process of working with individuals or teams in the financial industry, we make it a priority to review the myriad of opportunities which offer the maximum benefit to our new clients.


When it comes to contracts and contract negotiations, over the years, our firm has seen advisors who did not use an experienced independent recruiting firm, sign contracts with a new firm or simply sign a sunset agreement or a practice acquisition contract which was not as rewarding as it might have been.  Our firm, by knowing and negotiating many contracts over the years can, if our clients so desire, advise these individuals on what to look for or ask for in a contract from their potential new employer.  After putting in all the hard work to find an employer who meets nearly all of one’s needs, our goal at Horton Group Inc. is to ensure our clients that this very important step is not overlooked.