As most financial advisors already know, there are not simply dozens of firms to choose from, but a myriad of platforms.  Choosing the right platform is just as important as selecting the right firm.  There are countless variables that go into the decision regarding whether a team or individual should choose a particular firm and what platform is most advantageous.  Our firm, Horton Group Inc., has assisted countless advisors with understanding the many different options afforded them and the benefits of each.  As mentioned earlier, as we begin working with a client(s), we will review all of these options and explain how each one will affect both their workplace environment and their clients.  We also will detail the step by step process that is involved in choosing to go independent or in starting an RIA, or even whether it is more beneficial to join an existing practice.

With the guidance from an experienced independent recruiting firm, making any transition to a new firm, irrespective of whether it is a traditional W-2 model or starting or joining an independent practice, the effort required is not radically different; generally, 80% of the effort required when switching firms is the same whether one goes independent or with a traditional W-2 model.  If a team or individual does decide to go in the RIA/Independent direction, we will make sure that our clients are familiar with every step required so that each incremental step along the way has already been explained, understood and prepared for.  This is just one small aspect of what our firm does for our clients.

Another area which Horton Group Inc., specializes in is assisting managers and executives in the financial industry find employment throughout the United States.  Our firm utilizes our thirty years of relationships to find the desired position for our clients.  Due to our experience and contacts, our firm quite often knows of opportunities nearly the minute they are available.  And mirroring many of the same excellent services financial advisors receive from our firm, managers and executives can expect this same level of care and professionalism.  During our first few meetings with individuals who are seeking either management or executive positions, we know it is imperative to first glean a comprehensive understanding of the needs of these individuals and then we can begin the process of presenting a wide variety of options to them, while at the same time, discussing the benefits of each option.  As a firm, we will stay in constant communication with our clients and we always make sure that our efforts are not deviating from the desires of our clients.  As we get closer to finding the right position for a manager or an executive, we certainly have negotiated enough contracts to make this process more smooth and amenable to all parties.

Helping others in any capacity is always rewarding and, for us at Horton Group Inc., helping individuals find a workplace environment where they will prosper and enjoy is what we are all about; it is our primary concern.” – Robert Leight



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“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson