What can one expect from our firm, Horton Group Inc.?

Knowledge, Experience & Impartiality

As financial advisors, managers and executives consider the possibility that a change in firms might benefit both their careers as well as their ability to provide enhanced services to their clients, it is imperative that these individuals understand all of the options available.  Our firm, Horton Group Inc., with its four decades working in the financial industry, can provide those whom we assist with this knowledge.  Considering the number of firms from which to choose and the wide variety of platforms to consider, whether a traditional W-2 platform, hybrid RIA, corporate RIA, Independence, etc., our firm will, after hearing what our client’s needs are, detail what might be the best options.

It is a combination of our knowledge and experience that will make our client’s decision regarding joining a new firm easier, more understandable and less complicated.  For example, when our clients ask us any number of 20-30 questions regarding each firm, whether the question is regarding a firm’s culture, back office support and marketing capabilities, private equity offerings or note structure, we can give them their answers quickly and with the impartiality that is necessary for them to make the right decision regarding their career.  Our advice is impartial because we are independent recruiters and our client’s well-being is our only concern.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

– Albert Einstein




Once we begin the process of assisting a client in potentially switching firms, we guide him/her every step of the way.

  • We will make sure that we completely understand their many needs.
  • We identify which options might be the right fit for this advisor/manager/executive.
  • We evaluate each option with our client and review all the different variables associated with each choice.
  • We connect our client(s) with the individuals whom they will need to meet if they decide that the switching of firms might be advantageous for themselves, their family and their clients.
  • We explain to our clients the myriad steps which will or should take place once the individual or team begins talking to a firm.
  • Once the above steps are taken, we help our clients understand any offer/LOU (Letter of Understanding).  There are numerous parts to a contract that only an experienced recruiting firm would know should be included in the formal contract.  Our involvement also helps to keep the friendly relationship being developed between the potential new firm and our client from being hindered during this process.
  • When a changing of firms has been decided upon, we inform our client in concert with the new firm, regarding timing and procedures.  This will vary also based on whether the departing firm is still part of Protocol.
  • The points mentioned above are a brief overview regarding how Horton Group Inc. assists its clients.  There are many more specifics which are tailored to each of our clients.


As we assist our clients, we hope they will come to see that we pride ourselves on our professionalism.  This term, to us, equates to honesty, caring, listening, and responsiveness all tied together and augmented by our years of experience.   When we first begin assisting a client(s) we listen very carefully to all of their needs with respect to platforms, products, technology, support etc. With this knowledge in hand, we can begin to discuss what options our clients have.  Honesty and caring play a major role at this juncture so that our clients know what are the positives and negatives behind any choice they might choose to pursue. In any transition to a new firm, there are a myriad of questions and steps which need to be followed.  We strive to answer every question and explain every step thoroughly and expeditiously. And finally, our experience, hopefully, makes this process as understandable and smooth as it can be while still maintaining our client’s anonymity and privacy.  What has been briefly detailed here is what, to all of us at the Horton Group, it means to act in a professional manner.  We hope and make every effort to ensure that all of our clients feel that they have been treated with the utmost professionalism.