Horton Group Inc. was founded several decades ago by Elayne Horton, who even before starting her own firm in Los Angeles, CA had already been assisting individuals whose careers revolved around wealth management.  Thirty years later, Horton Group Inc., which has garnered a wonderful reputation from advisors and managers alike, continues to assist countless financial advisors, managers, executives and others in charting the right course for their careers.  The advice and assistance given is derived from years of experience, a keen understanding of the industry, years of relationship building and a professionalism which is centered on the well-being of our clients.

As the Horton Group enters its fourth decade in the industry, Elayne Horton, Robert Leight and the rest of the members of the firm continue to enjoy assisting those working in the financial industry analyze all of their options and explore more in depth those paths which might bring them even greater happiness and success than they are presently experiencing.



Our team’s goal is simple: to give our clients the best advice and direction as possible based on our thirty plus years of experience.  All that matters is the well-being of our clients. ” – Robert Leight